Wheel Locks & Locking Lug Nuts from DP-Accessories

Okay, so you’ve got some pretty nice wheels and tires on your vehicle and you want to protect them from theft. What do you do? Lock em up, that's how!

The concept behind wheel locks is pretty simple. Just like you would on the front door of your house, you put a lock on them so that only the people with a key can get in. Wheel locks are similar to lug nuts and lug bolts in that they secure your wheels to your vehicle. But, they take it one step further. A wheel lock is made with a special pattern instead of a standard hex design that allows only a special key to remove them easily. We sell a wide variety of wheel locks in all sorts of shapes, colors, and security levels. DP-Accessories has all of the knowledge and expertise to help you with everything wheel lock related. Whether you need a locking lug nut or locking lug bolt, we are here to help.

Our Top Wheel Locks Brands

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We take a lot of pride in the wheel locks we make and we have dozens of different shapes, styles, and colors to choose from. To ensure that our wheel locks help prevent the theft of your valuable wheels and tires, every wheel lock that we manufacture is made from cold forged steel (steel quality is the most important factor in the security of a wheel lock), is available with several different key patterns, has precision machined threads, and a beautiful yet tough coating. This gives all of our wheel locks the security, look, durability, and safety every vehicle deserves.

Creating a secure, safe, durable, and good looking part is extremely important to us and our wheel locks do just that. We even make it easy to replace lost wheel lock keys. Just fill out the enclosed key replacement card included in every set of DP-Accessories wheel locks and keep it in your vehicle. If you ever need a replacement key, just follow the instructions on that card and we will get a replacement key out to you right away.

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In 1966 McGard invented its unique one-piece wheel lock. Since then, McGard has been perfecting its design to meet the security needs of both Original Equipment Manufactures and the automotive aftermarket. Here at DP-Accessories we are proud to be a retailer of McGard brand wheel locks. Being an American owned company we really like when we have the rare opportunity to support an American Manufacturer. McGard has been manufacturing the highest quality, American Made wheel fasteners in Orchard Park New York since 1966. We believe that their wheel locks are some of the best quality you can buy today. Don’t believe us? Well, all McGard brand wheel locks come with a one year warranty.

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Located just outside Los Angeles, Gorilla Automotive Products has been protecting the world's finest wheels for over 40 years. They have one of the broadest offerings of quality wheel locks you’ll find from any manufacturer. From the Original Gorilla Lock all the way up to their new and innovative X2 wheel lock, they have a wheel lock for almost any need. Heck, Gorilla is so good that we even have them make a few parts for us. Not only are they so proud of their product that they put their name it, in some cases, we did too.

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