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Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems are an essential safety feature of any modern vehicle. It’s likely that you’ve seen the TPMS warning light or your tire pressures displayed on your vehicle’s dashboard. That information is relayed to your vehicle via TPMS sensors located within your wheel and tire assemblies. To keep your vehicle's Tire Pressure Monitoring System functioning properly you will need to replace your TPMS sensors as they age and the batteries become weak or fail (No, you cannot just change the battery, we wish... Each sensor is sealed and must be replaced when the battery fails).

Unfortunately for most do-it-yourselfers this is not a job that is easily done. TPMS sensor replacement requires expensive tire mounting equipment and specialised TPMS computer hardware. That’s why it is important to keep in mind when you are replacing TPMS sensors that installation can be more costly than the parts themselves. This is where the high quality sensors with advanced technology and high quality components DP-Accessories sells comes in.

The support team at DP-Accessories has the knowledge and expertise to help you with many common TPMS related issues and are ready to help. We even have a former TPMS trainer on staff to help diagnose the most complex TPMS sensor problems.

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Like we mentioned above, high quality components and advanced technology are essential for TPMS sensor longevity and reliability. DP-Accessories brand TPMS sensors are just about as tough and reliable as they come. Every TPMS sensor that we manufacture uses patented sensor technology that meets or exceeds OE quality standards, has a military grade battery for long life and can be triggered with all major TPMS scan tools.

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Shop for TPMS sensors from X-tra Seal

The X-tra Seal Smart Sensor TPMS System is a pretty cool piece of technology. The system has three essential parts: (1) TPMS scan/programming tool, (2) 315 mhz sensor, and (3) 433 mhz sensor.

What’s really cool about the system is that the sensors come blank and can be programmed to work in nearly any vehicle. For anyone running a tire shop this can be pretty powerful. You only need to stock two different sensor SKUs (315 and 433) and you have coverage for nearly every sensor made. Even better, the scan/programming tool can be used to scan and perform relearn procedures on nearly any other brand of sensor. This system was designed to simplify TPMS for tire shops and it really has.

Here at DP-Accessories we took this Smart Sensor one step further and developed a system where we can ship you sensors that have already been programmed to specific vehicle applications. Just visit one of our online stores, enter your vehicle information, and you will be directed towards the correct sensor for your application. Place your order it and we will ship it to your door ready to install, no sensor programming needed (We’ll take care of that for you).