Bolt On Wheel Spacer from DP-Accessories

If you are shopping for bolt-on wheel spacers it’s likely you have one of two problems: (1) your vehicle does not have that aggressive stance you are looking for and you want to make a considerable improvement or (2) you bought a new set of wheels and/or tires and are having some sort of clearance issue. Your wheel spokes could be rubbing on your brakes or your tires could be rubbing on your inner fender.

Well, bolt-on wheel spacers were made to fix appearance and fitment issues just like those. Since they can be anywhere from 1 to 2 inches wide, the impacts on appearance as well as their ability to fix clearance issues can be quite drastic. We have the expertise and parts you need to help resolve common wheel and tire related appearance and fitment issues and are here to help.

Shop for bolt on wheel spacers from DP-Accessories

It takes a lot of engineering to make a high quality and safe bolt-on wheel spacer and we take a lot of pride in the wheel spacers we make. That’s why every bolt-on wheel spacer we manufacture is CNC machined with precision craftsmanship using 6061 T6 aerospace quality billet aluminum that we heat treat for extra strength and have grade 10.9 or stronger pressed in wheel studs and use high quality DP-Accessories brand open-end lug nuts. We even use specialized foam packaging to ensure that not only are you getting a high quality part, but that it’s in pristine condition when you receive it.